Specialty Chemicals

We have a very strong market presence in domestic as well as in export market for specilaity chemicals and emulsions like fabric softeners, acrylic emulsion, textile emulsion, powder antifoam, industrial defoamer, speciality softeners, textile finishing agent, softener emulsion, spinning sprays, metal degreaser, hard coatings etc. We owe our superiority due to months of careful research and formulation.

Dow Consumer Solutions -Silicone Fluid

Dow Consumer Solution - Specialty Silicone Fluid

Dow Consumer Solutions-Dow Corning-Paper Coatings

Dow Consumer Solutions-Dow Corning - Masterbatches

Dow Consumer Solutions-Dow Corning - Silanes

OFS 6020Get Quotation

OFS 6020

OFS 6070Get Quotation

OFS 6070

Lubrizol Specialty Paper Coatings

Dow Chemicals - Solvents

Dowanol DPMGet Quotation

Dowanol DPM

Dow Chemicals - Surfactants

Tergitol CA-60Get Quotation

Tergitol CA-60

Tergitol CA-90Get Quotation

Tergitol CA-90

Tergitol TMN-6Get Quotation

Tergitol TMN-6

Tergitol 15-S-40Get Quotation

Tergitol 15-S-40

Clariant - Azelis Products

Hostapur SAS 60Get Quotation

Hostapur SAS 60

Evonik Silica

Sipernat D-10Get Quotation

Sipernat D-10

Sipernat D-17Get Quotation

Sipernat D-17

Sipernat 383 DSGet Quotation

Sipernat 383 DS

Praepagen TQ Softener

Praepagen TQ SoftenerGet Quotation

Praepagen TQ Softener

Dow Chemicals - Amines

hot stamping foils

Silane OFS

Silane OFS 6030Get Quotation

Silane OFS 6030

Aerosil 200

Aerosil 200Get Quotation

Aerosil 200

Butyl Cellosolve

Butyl CellosolveGet Quotation

Butyl Cellosolve

Butyl Carbitol

Butyl CarbitolGet Quotation

Butyl Carbitol